Electrical Testing

Following Electrical Testing services are available at MSME Testing Centre, Mumbai.

Product Testing (As per IS, IEC & Other International Standards)

• Domestic Electrical Appliances viz. Mixer, Blender, Iron, Washing Machine, Hot Plate, Cooking Oven, Instantaneous and Storage Water Heater, Electric Kettles, Toaster, Electric Heating Pad, Flash Light, Inverters, UPS, Voltage Stabilizer.
• Electrical Wiring Accessories viz. Switches, Three Pin Plug, Socket Ceiling Rose, Lamp Holder, Metal Clad Switch, Fuse Units, Distribution Box, Kit Kat Fuse, Control Panels.
• Wires and Cables (PVC, XLPE, Elastomeric, Overhead Conductor) FRLS Cables.
• Ceiling Fan Ventilation Fan, Table Fan, Air Circulators and Electric Fan Regulators
• Luminaries with IP and Photometry Test facility, Ballasts, CFL, LEDs

Major Tests
• High Voltage Test
• Temperature Rise Test
• FRLS Tests for Cables (Oxygen Index, Temperature Index, HCL, Smoke Density)
• Degree of Water Ingress Protection IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6
• Degree of Dust Ingress Protection IP5X & IP6X
• Thermal Endurance for Choke
• Photometry Test
• Ceiling Fan Air Delivery Test
• EMC/EMI Test (Proposed)
• Environmental Tests

Special Equipments
• Temperature Chamber -70oC to 20oC
• Water Ingress Protection Test System IPX3, IPX4, IPX5 and IPX6
• Dust Chamber IP5X and IP6
• Digital Storage Oscilloscope
• Computerized Test System for Photometry of Luminaries (Goniometer)
• Photometric Integrating Sphere
• Computerized Tensile Testing System
• Humidity Control Oven
• Endurance Test Apparatus for Switches, Shutter Type Sockets, Flash Lights,

Luminaires and Appliances
• Glow Wire and Tracking Test Apparatus
• Variable Voltage and Frequency Source
• PC Based System of Standing Loss Measurement
• Vibration / Sound Level Integrate Meter.


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