Metallurgical Testing

Following Metallurgical Testing services are available at MSME Testing Centre, Mumbai.

Physical Testing of Metals – Hardness Test Rockwell, Brinell & Vickers, Tensile Test, Compression Test, Transverse Test, Bend Test, Re-bend Test, Load Test, Drift and Flattening Test, etc.

· Elemental Analysis - Commercial grades by Optical Emission Spectrometer Method.

Product Testing
Product IS Code
Cast Iron Manhole cover and frame IS: 1726-1991
Corrugated asbestos cement sheet IS: 459-1992 and IS: 5913-1989
Asbestos cement building boards IS: 2098-1997
M.S. Welded flats/joints IS: 3600-Pt-3 & 4 – 2009
Structural Steel IS: 1079-2009, IS: 513-2008,
IS: 2062-1999, IS: 1608-2005.
M.S. Tubes/Conduit Pipes IS: 1239-Pt-1-2004, IS: 9537-Pt-I
and Pt-II-1980 & 81, IS: 1161-1998
Precast concrete manhole covers and frames IS: 12592-2002
Horizontally cast iron double flanged pipes
for water, gas and sewage IS: 7181-1986
Vertically cast iron pressure pipes for water and sewage IS: 1537-1976
Steel Pipes Electrically welded IS: 3589-1981
Cast Iron fittings IS: 3989-1984
HSD Steel Bars IS: 1786-2008
Grey Iron Casting IS: 210-2009

Name of the Machines / Equipments
1. Universal Tensile Testing Machine UTN-600KN
2. Universal Tensile Testing Machine UTN-100KN
3. Material Testing Machine EZ-20
4. Brinell Cum Vickers Hardness Tester, HPO-250
5. Rockwell Hardness Tester
6. Compression Testing Machine, Cap. 500KN
7. Optical Emission Spectrometer M2560 for FE, AI & Cu base
8. Pipe Bending Machine
9. Asbestos Cement Sheet Testing Machine
10. Digital Vickers Hardness Tester
11.Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester


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